News page.

This is the news page of A.T. clan where latest information and events will be posted when they appears in the following list:

Upcoming events.

Latest events. 

New member.

Page redaction.

Last upade 30th of June

Last upade 30th of June

Last upade 30th of June

Last upade 30th of June




Upcomming events

1) Third match with ~}PRO{~ is upcoming.


Latest events

  A.T. Clan is having Fun-war seria of matches with ~}PRO{~ Clan. We already had two matches.


New member

On 15th of June, we welcome two new members - A.T. Krauser and A.T. Gran. Welcome to the clan!

On 20th of June, many clans veteran Max, also known as Juild or Kev1 is now finally in A.T. as A.T. Kev1! Welcome to our fellowship, Max!

On 25th of June, new member joined the clan - A.T. Snipergirl. Welcome to our clan sniper position!




 Page Redaction

 Some little changes has been done since last time:

1) The 'Tlinks' page has been deleted. We already have links to other clans on our guestbook, so we don't need another page for links.

2) Match archivehas been uppaded.

3) Games schedule page was replaced to the UCO site - here is the link.



By now thats all changes.